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Thank you for visiting!

September 28, 2016

Thank you for visiting Drewes Art Studio, formerly Archive Restoration. As I do not have a storefront,  I am available to meet with clients at The Archive Gallery located in the German Village in Columbus. Please email me for questions and to make an appointment and I will get back to you as soon as […]

Reproduction of Willem Claesz Heda Still Life, 1634

January 29, 2013

This is a painting, that I myself painted, while studying in Italy at Bianchi Dipinit. It is a reproduction of a painting by a Dutch artist. The size was reduced as to not completely copy the painting. Painted on panel and prepared with traditional gesso. Varnished and given a craquelure effect using a secret technique […]

Houston Chronicle, Art Restoration Come of Age

January 13, 2013

Houston Chronicle, Art Restoration Come of Age This article informs the public how science has revolutionized art restoration. With the help of science, the restoration of  artwork can be evaluated in a different light, giving different outcomes to the procedures that are given to works of art.


Prior to selecting work for an exhibition, we needed a thorough inventory and assessment of works in a private collection (all by a single early-mid 20th c. painter, Nina Belle Ward). Anna examined the 40 paintings and gave detailed conservation reports (with photos) from which we were able to select 9 works. Anna worked on a total of 12 paintings for our exhibition. The paintings, all on board or canvas, required cleaning and some attention to holes, flaking, and abrasion. The canvases also suffered from staining, warping, stretcher marks, and required some inpainting. Anna was delightful to work with–pleasant, thorough, and prompt. We were very satisfied with the work she did and have recommended her to colleagues. Nina Belle Ward, "Sanna Black", Oil on Canvas Nina Belle Ward, "Sanna Black", Oil on Canvas

Kalamazoo Institute of Art
P. Lawson

“The painting is wonderful, and such a dramatic change – my son said now its less gloomy and more wintery- and the details are so much clearer.  It does make the winter look more sunlit!!  Thank you!”

Before treatment

Before treatment

After treatment, Removal of tobacco and aged varnish.

After treatment, Removal of tobacco and aged varnish.

P. Lawson